Get your lawn ready for summer.

Great video from Lowes.  Learn how to get your lawn ready for spring and keep it looking great all year long.


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Most popular colors . . .

Pinterest is a great source for decorating ideas.   Tracking the color schemes on Pinterest can tell us which colors are the most popular for kitchens, bedrooms, etc.  CLICK HERE to read the full article.

This video not only shows us the most popular colors, it also shows us how the artist made the pie charts used to demonstrate the favorites.  Its worth a look.


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Spring Cleaning Ideas

It’s a great time to plan your spring cleaning.  Here are some great tips from some experts.

We begin with some tips on keeping your closet organized.

Next, some great tips on keeping your bathroom organized.

Finally, some great products that will help you clean and organize your house this spring.

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What is the Difference Between Manufactured Homes and Modular (Systems Built) Homes

While the names are similar, Manufactured and Modular homes are very, very different.  So much so that Modular home builders cringe at the thought that someone has mistaken their product for a manufactured or mobile home.  As a result, many Modular builders are trying to re-brand the their products as ‘Systems Built” rather than “Modular”.  The difference between Manufactured and Modular (Systems Built) are significant.  We’ll do our best to explain the major differenced below.

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Manufactured Home Chassis

Manufactured (or mobile) homes are built on a chassis, which provides support for the frame. When the mobile home has been completed, it is transported on the chassis, which acts as a kind of foundation for the home.  Mobile homes only vary in width, and come in single-, double- and triple-wide options. Due to the chassis foundation, they never have more than one level, since there is not adequate support.  While manufactured homes fulfill a great need at a good price point, they are far different than Modular homes.

Modular (or Systems Built) homes are built the same way a site built home is built and can be built to any specifications – exactly like a home built on site.  A Systems Built home is the exact same home as a home built on site by a General Contractor and his subcontractors.  Warwick The difference is that the Systems Built home is built in a controlled environment.  Inside the factory, workers punch in and work a full 8 hours.  At Andrea Homes, all of the workers who built your home are full time employees.  There are no subcontractors.   There’s no running down to the coffee shop to find the electrician or plumber.  The construction is supervised, pre-planned and inspections are done inside the factory.  The quality of the materials is also kept consistent.  With subcontractors, a traditional site builder might not know what materials his subcontractor is using.  A systems builder keeps all of his materials inside and he knows the quality of the materials going into your new home.

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Modular Homes being built inside the factory

One of the most significant benefits is that the home is constructed inside and away from any bad weather.  You’ve seen homes being built outside.  They’re subject to rain, snow and wind — all of which are damaging to the construction materials.  In a Systems Built factory, the construction materials are NEVER exposed to the elements.  Your sub flooring, framing and insulation stay bone dry.  Dry construction materials means they’ll retain their integrity and last longer.  In addition, your home construction won’t be delayed due to bad weather.  In fact, the systems built construction process takes only a fraction of the time that a site built home takes.    Watch this video to see how homes are built in a factory.

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Setting a section of a systems built home

The Systems Built home contains the same material and is subject to the same building codes as a home built on site.  The pre-built, pre-inspected sections of the home are delivered to the site and placed over a basement or placed on any normal home foundation.  Watch this video to see a Cape Cod style home being set on a basement foundation.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our series about the differences between manufactured homes and modular or systems built homes.

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On the grill

Summer can’t come soon enough for a lot of us.  So, why not get a jump start and get up to speed on your grilling techniques.  Here are some videos that will help you hit the grill running this summer.

Chicken is next.  Check out this great recipe for BBQ chicken legs

2 hour spare ribs on the grill?  Yummy!

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How to buy a mattress – Part 2

Monticello household tipsIn our last blog, we focused on Tempurpedic mattresses and its benefits.  Today, we’ll focus on Serta and its interesting answer to Tempurpedic’s patented Tempur Material.

Serta is the number one mattress company in the United States.  It gained that title over the past few years by out performing Sealy and others.  IMG_3327Serta’s “counting sheep” marketing campaign has also been very effective.

Serta tries to answer the five primary reasons people are not happy with their mattresses.

1. Tossing and turning
2. Lack of support, leading to back pain
3. Sleeping too hot or too cold
4. Partner disturbance
5. Mattress roll-off or sag

To prevent edge breakdown, most of Serta’s traditional mattresses now include a foam encasement around the edge of the bed.  This is something to look for when you’re shopping around — make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

IMG_3391Serta has gained significant ground in competing in the memory foam market as well.  The Icomfort and Iseries mattresses solve almost all of the five problems listed above and are Serta’s answer to Tempurpedic.  The Icomfort is an all-foam product with one stand-out benefit – a balanced sleeping temperature.  Icomfort and Iseries mattresses contain a top layer of cool action memory foam designed to take the heat away from your body.  It won’t make you cold, according to Serta, it just won’t let you get too hot.  The Iseries mattresses are unique in that they are a hybrid — part foam, part inner spring.  You get the conforming feel of a foam mattress with the initial bounce of a spring when you jump into bed.  For the details on the hybrid technology, click HERE.

In the end, however, its all about comfort.  All of the name brand mattresses will provide support.  The question is, which mattress feels better.  Some retailers like American Mattress, have a comfort guarantee.  You have 30, 90 or 120 days to exchange the mattress, depending on the brand, and get one you feel would better suit you.

Foam and hybrid beds do have a different feel and for some, it might take getting used to.

Here are some tips for selecting the right mattress from

Top 10 Tips for Selecting the Right New Mattress

1. Get enough rest before you shop for a mattress – Shop when you are well rested so you will make the best possible decision. According to a number of studies, sleep deprivation causes attention lapses, slower recall and poor concentration. According to Serta’s Comfort U survey, “Americans Wake Up to Sleep Loss,” less than 10 percent of Americans get the eight hours of sleep a night that research shows to be most beneficial.

2. Let your fingers do the walking – Serta’s Web site is full of information that will tell you about the construction of our mattresses and explain their features and benefits. We offer a wide array of material designed to make mattress shopping easier, including videos showing the inner construction and benefits of Serta mattresses – all written in easy-to-understand terms. Also, if you type in your ZIP code, our Serta Store Locator will provide a list of Serta mattress dealers in your area as well as a map and contact information to help you reach them.

3. Know yourself – In the sea of mattresses that you may see in a retail store, there are basically three comfort preferences: soft (Pillow Top), plush and firm. There are also varying forms of the Pillow Top, including the Euro Top. Once you know which “feel” you prefer, you will have effectively eliminated two thirds of the mattresses in the store. This gives you the chance to concentrate on the mattresses that really will be comfortable for you.

4. Concentrate on comfort – Learn about the support system (innerspring or foam) when you do your Internet research, then focus on what feels comfortable to you when you go mattress shopping. Remember, a good support system provides good support whether your mattress is a pillow top, plush or firm. Keep in mind that a comfortable mattress will help you fall asleep at night – and if you’re like most adults today, you need all the rest you can get.

5. Buy a brand name you trust – When you buy a mattress, remember that you are buying a good night’s sleep, not just a place to shut your eyes. That’s why it’s wise to purchase a brand that you know and trust – one that’s earned a solid reputation with consumers over a number of decades. Serta has been making the World’s Best Mattress for more than 75 years. We are a global company dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to our customers. Serta’s Limited Warranty protects your purchase against manufacturing defects, so you can feel confident with your Serta product for years to come.

6. Buy from a retailer you trust – When shopping for a mattress, go only to retailers that you trust and learn what you will get with your purchase. Additional buying incentives often include free delivery and removing your current mattress from your home. All retailers listed in Serta’s Store Locator are authorized Serta retailers.

7. Put price in perspective – Mattress buying is the most important decision you will make in furnishing your home, since you and your loved ones will spend close to one-third of your lives sleeping on your mattresses. The average buying cycle for a mattress today is between 7 and 10 years. For a mattress that costs $1,000, this comes out to approximately three cents a day. Aim to buy the best mattress you can for the money. Serta proudly offers quality products for every type of budget.

8. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes – Try out the mattresses with the comfort feel that you most want – soft (Pillow Top), plush or firm. Lie on the bed; turn back and forth as you would if you were going to sleep. Shop with your partner to be sure that you both like the comfort feel of the mattress.

9. Consider your space – Fifteen years ago, twin and full-size mattresses were the most popular sizes sold at retail, but not anymore. People are realizing that they need more room when they sleep. As a result, queen mattresses have become the best seller, and more and more couples are buying king mattresses as well. Make sure that your mattress will give you plenty of room to stretch out.

10. Invest in a safe mattress and buy the set – The mattress flammability standard, 16 CFR Part 1633, went into effect on July 1, 2007. Fire tests show that, in many cases, a 1633-compliant mattress that is used with a pre-standard box spring will fail the standard’s testing requirements. So mixing a new mattress with an old foundation may pose a safety risk to consumers. The mattress and foundation should both be replaced, as a set, at the same time. Serta has been manufacturing its mattresses and box springs to this standard using our FireBlocker® system since 2005. If you have any questions about whether or not your mattress and/or box spring meets the federal standard, please visit

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How to buy a mattress


You’re thinking that its too late to buy a mattress. After all, Presidents’ Day is over. Well, all is not lost. We talked to some insiders and got the scoop on buying mattresses.

If its been a while since you’ve purchased a mattress, there are a few things you need to know. First, you don’t have to flip the darn things any more. Even though it was hilarious trying to do it (I always ended up pulling a muscle) it wasn’t necessarily on the top of your list of fun things to do on Saturday night. Both improvements in foam technologies and the cost of materials appear to have been the main drivers to make mattresses one sided. Second, get ready for adjustable bases. They are here to stay. The target market for adjustable bases used to be the elderly. Now, they’re for everyone and they are awesome – with features like massage and preset positions like “Zero G” that improve blood flow and provide the maximum pressure relief.

Today we’ll focus on Tempurpedic and its features and benefits. Among manufacturers, Tempurpedic gets to boast the highest customer satisfaction rating of them all. A staggering 95% of owners love their Tempurpedic mattresses. It’s the most highly recommended bed in America. The patented Tempur material adjusts to the curves of your body and relieves pressure the way no other mattress can. The material is actually temperature sensitive so as your body temperature changes, so does the shape of the mattress. There is almost no transfer of motion so when your spouse gets in or out of bed, you’re less likely to feel it. Tempur material is hypoallergenic and resists dust mites, mold and mildew.

Tempurpedic has come a long way in the last quarter century and they have developed soft, medium and firm feels at multiple price points. You might have heard that Tempurpedic beds are expensive but when you look at the average life of 44 years, I’m not sure you can beat the value. Yes, we said 44 years. With the proper mattress protector (one that is waterproof and keeps dust mites away) most mattresses will outlive their warranty.

These mattresses will be more costly (ranging from around $1200 and up for a queen set), but when you spend more time in your bed than in your car, you can easily justify the investment. Like cars, some companies will be able to finance your purchase for 24 months or more at 0% interest.

American Mattress

Now, let’s talk Ergonomics. Foam mattresses like Tempurpedic (as well as some inner spring mattresses) can flex on top of an adjustable base. These bases are more than just hospital beds. Today, they’re more like furniture.

american mattress adjustable base

They’re going to add about $800 to $2000 to the price of your bed but once you’ve experienced the massage feature, you’ll be sold. After all, you want to relax when you’re in bed. Why not raise your feet up after a long day or prop up your head to watch tv (or to alleviate that nasty acid reflux — trust us, it helps). Then turn on the timed massage feature and fall asleep. At least stop by a store and check out the latest features. Even if its not in your budget now, you’ll know what you want in the future.

As far as the actual purchase price goes, Tempurpedic mattresses are price controlled by the manufacturer. There’s not much room to move on the price of the mattress but you might be able to negotiate a discount on delivery or on some awesome Tempurpedic pillows. Some retailers are offering a free 32 inch TV with a Tempurpedic purchase. It never hurts to ask for a better deal. Stores are in the business to move product so they should work with you.

We’ve found that American Mattress, a Midwest retailer, has some experienced and well informed sales people. You might look them up and let them help you find the right mattress to solve your sleep issues.

Next blog entry, we’ll focus on the Nation’s largest mattress manufacturer, Serta.

Night, night.